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LinkedIn Profile Makeovers to Personal Videos to Lead Generation Services, we’ve got your back.

Work with us to develop your podcast strategy, the format of the production and training to set up your own podcast.

If you are based in the UK we can help you produce your podcast on location or in our studios.


With a quarter of UK adults* now listening to podcasts they are quickly growing in popularity, offering a unique marketing opportunity that allows you to build a genuine bond with your listeners. Our approach at GettPodcasting is to give you the tools, confidence, and strategic planning to produce a podcast that houses your brand and gets you heard.

The power of a podcast goes beyond simply broadcasting your voice and ideas to a platform of eager listeners. It establishes you or your business as a leader in your industry and gives you greater control over your brand’s identity.

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Work with us to develop your video strategy, develop your scripts and advise on production. Ask us about our ability to drive traffic and extensively promote your videos through our media partnerships.

If you are based in the UK work with us to create your scripts, film your videos on location or in our studio and work on all editing and post production.

Thought Leadership Videos

Thought leaders shape the industry they are in and set the standards for others to follow. With the right video series, you can firmly establish your authority and create a brand known for its expertise.

A presentation, online tutorial, or professional interview has a powerful impact on your audience. It automatically grants you credibility and raises the profile of you or your business by reaching out to people before you’ve even met them.

Visual media, sticks with viewers for a long time and we will ensure you have the equipment, planning and presence necessary to create your own thought leadership videos.

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Whether it’s a series of blog posts and LinkedIn updates, case studies or full thought leadership content, take advantage of our written services.

With clients who are needing to write a book, we can additionally help with the writing, editing, and publishing of their books.


In the online world, content isn’t just king, it’s the foundation of your marketing campaign and your brand’s image.

Having the right content will increase your influence online, it will create an emotional connection with your audience, and it gives you a set of tools that allows you to sustainably grow your network and brand.

With our ghostwriting service, you can take advantage of the huge range of content available, including ebooks, social media updates, and articles, all produced with an approach that emphasises your style and your ideas.

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Are you wanting a headshot to ensure that your personal branding is strong? Are you an individual or needing a group photoshoot to be completed?

If you are based in the UK we can carry out the photoshoot on location or at our studios.


One of the most important things to get right with your LinkedIn profile is the photo you use.

When people land on your LinkedIn profile, they’re making a subconscious judgement about who you are based on your profile picture. They will either perceive you as being a professional that respects his/her position and company or they won’t.

Your profile picture lets people know that you understand your industry, that you know how to portray yourself successfully, and it does a lot to influence their first impression of you. 

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Looking to develop your LinkedIn background cover image or create stunning rich media content?

From brand guidelines, promotional banners through to designed content we can apply your brand to LinkedIn.

Design Services

Do you want a company page on LinkedIn designed to attract your target audience and generate additional exposure for your business?

80% of members on LinkedIn want to connect with companies.

This represents a massive opportunity. However, most companies are letting this opportunity slip with either no company page or a poorly presented one that doesn’t do their company justice.

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Looking for a tailor provided LinkedIn Lead Generation service? Allow us to get you appointments so you can focus on selling.

We generate and deliver you highly targeted leads into your inbox, setting up appointments for your sales teams to fulfil.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Want a customised blueprint for growing your company on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can seem like a huge, complex puzzle and in some ways, it is. Most individuals and companies would like to be able to use LinkedIn to grow, especially given that there are over 562 million users on the platform, the majority of whom are professionals.

However, most individuals don’t know how to form a well-thought out strategy for using LinkedIn to generate business growth. We generate leads into your inbox and set up appointments for you.

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Train your team on how to use LinkedIn so they can generate leads, close new accounts and grow the companies revenue.

Extensive bespoke training for you and your organisation either on location or in our training facilities

Social Selling Training

The world of selling has changed. Digital has had a big influence on this and just like Darwin, when it comes to social selling it is most certainly “survival of the fittest”.

It’s about presenting your message to the outside world.  But the message you share must be valuable.

It’s about providing more information, more value and building those lasting relationships. We’ve trained thousands to get results through their use of LinkedIn.

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Train your team on how to use LinkedIn so they can identify candidates, build out their network, attract and nurture great talent for roles within your organisation.

Extensive bespoke training for you and your organisation either on location or in our training facilities.

Social Recruitment Training

LinkedIn is the largest network of business professionals, yet we’re still not using it effectively when it comes to social recruitment.

Maybe this is because of a lack of confidence in how to do this effectively? Maybe it’s due to a poor LinkedIn strategy throughout an organisation? Or maybe it’s a lack of understanding at just how to make sure you get your social recruitment process right?

We help train your team to know how to use LinkedIn to attract, find and recruit outstanding candidates.

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Get your team looking professional, on brand and able to generate leads through their LinkedIn profile through our profile building workshop.

Extensive bespoke training for you and your organisation either on location or in our training facilities.

LinkedIn Profile Building Workshops

Would you like to know how to transform your teams LinkedIn profile into a vital part of your lead generation and marketing strategy?

80.33% of B2B leads are generated through LinkedIn, which is far more than any other social network.

This shows that LinkedIn is by far the best social network to generate leads and grow your business. However, if you don’t know the specific strategies behind a strong profile and lead generation via LinkedIn then you’ll never be able to achieve similar results.

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